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Product Name Part# Price Inc Vat Price Ex Vat  
HP Compaq Pavilion DV2000 to DV2400 Series DVD-R/RW S-MULTI 8X Drive DW-G520A Bare Laptop Notebook Optical DVD±RW Slimline Writer OEM 416178-4C0 416178-4C0, DW-G520A £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq Presario V6000 UJ-850 DVDRW DVD±RW Laptop Notebook Optical Slimline Drive OEM 395003-1C0 395003-1C0, 431412-001, UJ-850 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq Presario R3000 R3200 DVD+R/RW Optical Laptop Notebook Drive OEM DV-W28E, 379579-001 £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq Pavilion DV2000 Series Laptop Notebook DVD±R/RW Optical Drive OEM DW-G520A, 417061-001 £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq Presario R3000 and NX6000 DV-W28E CD-RW/DVD Multi Recorder Laptop Notebook Slimline Optical Drive OEM. DV-W28E, 381713-9CO £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq Presario V5000 Series SDVD8821H 8X DL DVD±RW/CD-RW Combo Super Burner Laptop Notebook Slimline Optical Drive OEM SDVD8821H, 435778-001 £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq DV1000 V2000 DVR-K14LB CD-DVD/R/RW Laptop Notebook Optical Burner Drive OEM DVR-K14LB, 375983-001, 378158-CC0 £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq V4000 DVR-K16RS DVD+RW DL CD-RW Laptop Notebook Optical Burner Slimline Drive 391744-001 OEM 391744-001, DVR-K16RS £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq SD-C2502 8x/24x SlimLine Notebook DVD-ROM Drive 254112-001 SD-C2502 £59.94 £49.95 Buy Now
HP Compaq Teac DV-18E CD Rom /DVD ROM Laptop Notebook Drive 92P5990 DV-18E £59.94 £49.95 Buy Now
HP Compaq Toshiba SD-C2612 8X24X ATAPI Slim Line Notebook DVD-ROM Drive SD-C2612 251391-833 £59.94 £49.95 Buy Now
HP Compaq LG DRN-8080B 8X DVD-ROM/24X CD-ROM Drive for Notebook 254112-001 DRN-8080B £59.94 £49.95 Buy Now
HP Compaq GDR-8081N 8X DVD/24X CD ATAPI/IDE DVD-ROM Drive for Notebook GDR-8081N 311280-001 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq OM9F003299 24X CD-ROM 6X DVD-ROM Laptop Notebook Drive OM9F003299 159488-001 £59.94 £49.95 Buy Now
HP Compaq SDR-083 24X8X ATAPI/E-IDE Slim Line Notebook DVD-ROM Drive SDR-083 319421-001 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq Torisan DRD-U824 8X DVD-ROM, 24X CD-ROM Drive DRD-U824 £59.94 £49.95 Buy Now
HP Compaq SBW-241 8X DVD / 24X CDRW IDE Notebook Combo Drive SBW-241 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq SN324F/CMA 24X10X24X CD-RW + 8X DVD-ROM Drive SN324F/CMA 336431-FCO £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq DW-224E 24X10X24X8X CDRW and DVD-ROM Notebook Drive 311281-001 DW-224E - A01 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq DVD-ROM / CD-RW Laptop Combo Drive 264298-001 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq SD-R2312 CDRW Laptop Drive SD-R2312 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq DV-W24E CD/DVDRW Laptop Drive 374540-9C0 / 375391-001 / DV-W24E £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq SD-R6252 CD / DVD +RW Laptop Drive 355282-001 SD-R6252 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq GCA-4040N CD / DVDRW Laptop Drive 336084-6C0 355282-001 LG GCA-4040N £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq ND-6450A CD / DVDRW Laptop Drive 375983-001 NEC ND-6450A £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq GWA-4080N CD/DVDRW Laptop Drive GWA-4080N £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq GCA4080N CD/DVDRW Laptop Drive GCA-4080N 381400-001 379179-6C0 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq DW-P54A CD / DVDRW Laptop Drive 356043-4C0 344861-001 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq ND-6500 CD/DVDRW Laptop Drive 379179-BC0 392572-001 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq TS-L532R CD / DVD +RW Laptop Drive 390590-8C0 398031-001 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq DVR-K15LA CD/DVD-RW Laptop Drive 391954-CC0 389986-001 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq GMA-4082N CD/DVDRW Laptop Drive 416177-6C0 413102-001 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq ND-5100A CD/DVD-RW Laptop Drive 374542-6C0 381404-001 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq GWA-4082N CD/DVDRW Laptop Drive 395002-6C0 389986-001 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq TS-L532M CD / DVDRW Laptop Drive 390591-8C0 394460-001 £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq DVR-K16LA CD/DVD-RW Laptop Drive 413102-001 £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq UJ-840 CD/DVDRW Laptop Drive UJ-840 393687-1C0 391744-001 £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
Optiarc AD-7561S DVD-RW SATA with LightScribe Laptop Drive (457459-TC0) for HP 457459-TC0, AD-7561S 457459-TC3 £41.94 £34.95 Buy Now
HP LightScribe AD-7581S DL SATA DVD±RW Drive 457459-TC2 536416-001 538406-001 457459-TC2, AD-7581S, 457459-TC4 £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
SONY NEC AD-7586H DVD±RW Multi Recorder SATA Lightscribe Laptop Drive Drive for HP DV4 DV5 DV6 DV7 574285-TC0, AD-7586H, 574285-TC1 £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq CQ57 EliteBook 8440P SATA DVD-RW LightScribe Burner Laptop/notebook AD-7711H-H1 646126-001 574285-4C1, AD-7711H, 574285-4C2 £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Sony AD-7740H SATA Slimline DVD Writer OEM for HP 657534-4C0, AD-7740H £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Sony Optiarc AD-7910S - Disk drive - DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM - 8x/8x/5x - SATA - internal - 5.25" - Labelflash Laptop/notebook Drive 485497-4C0 AD-7910S £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Sony Optiarc Europe AD-7930H-01 DVD+-R/RW/DL/R Super Slim Laptop/notebook Drive 574283-4C0, AD-7930H £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Hp Pavilion DM4-1000 CDRW DVDRW SATA Optical Laptop/notebook Drive AD-7930H-H2 574283-4C1, AD-7930H-H2 £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Sony Optiarc Drive DDU820S 12.7MM SATA TRAY Disk 8X DVD-ROM 461644-tc0, DDU820S £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Pioneer DR-TD08HB CD DVD±RW RAM SATA Laptop/notebook Drive 463030-cc0, DR-TD08HB £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP 574285-HC1 MODEL DS-8A5LH Sata Super Multi DVD Laptop/notebook Drive 574285-HC1, DS-8A5LH £60.00 £50.00 Buy Now
LiteOn DS-8A8SH SATA DVD writer Laptop/notebook Optical Drive OEM 657534-HC, DS-8A8SH £35.99 £29.99 Buy Now
New Original Dell Inspiron DVD-ROM Notebook/Laptop Drive DS-8D3SH TTGJ9 578599-HC0, DS-8D3SH £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP EliteBook 6930p SATA DVD ROM Drive DT30N 483191-001 578599-6C0 578599-6C0, DT30N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq DT31N SATA DVD / CD Rom for Elitebook Laptop/Notebook 8440p 8440w 594042-001 578599-6C, DT31N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP DU10N SATA 9.5mm DVD/CD ultraSlim laptop/notebook drive 461640-6C0, DU10N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP - 9.5MM SATA INTERNAL DVD-ROM DRIVE FOR ELITEBOOK 578039-6C0, DU20N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HL GA31N 8X Slot load Sata Multi DVD Rewriter Burner 1HC8F For Dell Studio/Alienware 592908-6D0, GA31N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP 8x DVD-ROM 8x/24x SATA Slimline notebooklaptop drive 461644-6C0, GDR-D20N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Hitachi-LG HLDS GS20N CD DVD±RW Drive Burner 491776-6D1, GS20N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP LG GSA-T50L SATA DVD/CD-RW DVD Burner Lightscribe Drive 461646-6C0 GSA-T50L £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
LG 8X SLIM SATA LightScribe Notebook/Laptop DVDRW Burner GT20L 461646-6C1 GT20L 461646-6C2 £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP Slim DVDRW GT30L & GT31L Lightscribe 8X SATA Laptop/notebook Burner 574285-6C0 GT30L 574285-6C3 657534-fc3 574285-6C2 £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Hitachi-LG Internal Notebook/Laptop Super Multi DVD Rewriter GT31N with SATA interface 657534-6C1 GT31N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Hitachi-LG HLDS GT50N SATA CD/DVD-RW Notebook/Laptop Drive Burner 657534-6C0 GT50N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Hitachi/LG GU10N 8x DVD±RW Ultra Slim Notebook/Laptop SATA Drive 574283-6C0 GU10N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Hitachi-LG HLDS GU40N Slim SATA Trayload DVD±RW Laptop/notebook Drive 574283-6C1 GU40N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
TSST Corp SN-108BB DVD-ROM Sata Laptop/notebook Drive 578599-FC2 SN-108BB £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Samsung SN-208BB SATA DVD Laptop Optical Drive - OEM SN-208BB/BEBE 657534-FC1 659997-001 £29.99 £24.99 Buy Now
Samsung TS-L633L SATA DVD+RW Laptop/notebook DVD Drive, HP 491601-001TS-L633L 460507-FC0 TS-L633L £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP TS-L633M SATA 8X DVDRW Notebook/Laptop DVD Burner 460507-FC1 460507-FC1 TS-L633M 460507-FC2 £40.80 £34.00 Buy Now
HP 574285-FC0 TS-L633N DVDRW-SATA Lightscribe CD/DVD Laptop/notebook burner 574285-FC0 TS-L633N £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP PAVILION G6 DVD/CD-RW Multi Drive SATA Optical DRIVE - MODEL: TS-L633R C035 574285-FC1 613360-001 574285-FC1 TS-L633R £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Toshiba DVD-RW TS T633 SATA slot in dell Laptop/notebook Drive Burner TS-T633C 592908-FD0 TS-T633C £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
TSST TS-U633J SATA CD/DVD±RW Laptop/notebook Drive 574283-FC1 TS-U633J £40.80 £34.00 Buy Now
Hewlett-Packard HP Laptop Notebook DVD±RW Drive UJ-842 408684-130 408684-130 UJ-842BHC2-D £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Panasonic SATA CD/DVD±RW Drive UJ892A 574283-1C0 UJ892A £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Panasonic UJ897 SATA Slot CD DVD±RW Drive Burner 600516-1D0 UJ897 £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Panasonic/Matsushita/Matshita UJ8A2 SATA Laptop/notebook DVD±RW Burner (UJ-8A2 / UJ8A2A / UJ-8A2A) 574283-1C1 UJ8A2A £43.19 £35.99 Buy Now
Panasonic UJ8A7 SATA CD DVD±RW Notebook/Laptop Drive Burner 491776-1D0 UJ8A7 £4,198.80 £3,499.00 Buy Now
H.L GT34N SATA DVDRW Laptop/notebook Drive for HP Pavilion DV6-6000 Re UJ8B1 659966-001 657534-TC0 UJ8B1 £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
HP Compaq Laptop Combo Drive 394423-131 UJDA775 394423-131 UJDA775HP1-D £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Sony BC-5600S-01 BD ROM Combo Slimline SATA Laptop/notebook Drive 459175-4C1, BC-5500S, 459175-4C0 £65.94 £54.95 Buy Now
HP BC-5501H Blu-Ray Combo BD-ROM Player DVD RW Burner Writer Laptop/notebook Drive with Lightscribe 574284-4C1 574284-4C1, BC-5501H £65.94 £54.95 Buy Now
Sony BC-5541H internal 6x BD Blu-ray Combo Drive with labelflash function for all Laptops with 12.7mm slot and SATA interface 619830-4C1, BC-5541H £65.99 £54.99 Buy Now
Sony BC-5600S Slim Line Sata Blu-ray Combo Laptop/notebook Drive SATA 4.5MB Internal 535122-4D1, BC-5600S £84.00 £70.00 Buy Now
Pioneer BDC-TD03HA 6x Blu-Ray Drive. HP PN: 612032-CC0 612032-CC0, BDC-TD03HA £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
Hitachi-LG CA40N 6X 3D BD-ROM Blu-Ray Combo Player Slot DVD RW Slim SATA Laptop/notebook Drive 637234-6D0, CA30N £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
Hitachi-LG CA30P internal Slotload 6x BD Blu-ray Combo Drive with labelflash function for all Laptops/notebooks with 12.7mm slot and SATA interface 637234-6D1, CA30P £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
HP 619830-6C1 MODEL CT30K Blu-ray COMBO BD-ROM Player / DVD Burner (H2-10) 619830-6C1, CT30K £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
HP CT30L SATA Notebook/Laptop Blu-ray DVD Drive with Lightscribe BD Combo 619830-6C0, CT30L £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
LG SATA Blu-ray Drive For Notebook/laptop Super Multi Blue Slim Internal with M-DISC? Support CT40N 658992-6C0, CT40N £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
HP DS-6E2LH Blu-ray Player BD-ROM/SuperMulti DVD±RW Combo Drive Laptop/Notebook 619830-HC0, DS-6E2LH £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
TSST SATA BD-ROM Blu-ray Combo Drive - TS-LB23L 619830-FC0 TS-LB23L 581107-FC0 £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
Samsung Slimline 4x BluRay-ROM / 8x DVD-RW Laptop/notebook Drive - OEM 619830-FC1 TS-LB23P £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
Packard Bell UJ141AF Easynote TS11-SB-995 Blu-Ray Laptop/notebook Optical Drive 658992-1C0 UJ141AF £83.99 £69.99 Buy Now
BD-5730H SATA BD-RW Blu Ray DVD Burner Drive 100% 602117-4C0, BD-5730H, 620721-4C1 £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
LG BT10N Super Multi Blue BD-RE drive Serial ATA (SATA) Laptop/notebook Drive 620721-6C0, BT10N £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
Hitachi-LG 6X 12.7mm Internal Laptop/notebook Blu-Ray Reader & DVD/CD Writer 592907-6D0, CA21N £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
Hitachi/LG CT10L 4.8x Blu-ray BD-ROM/8x DVD±RW DL Notebook/Laptop SATA Drive w/LightScribe (Silver) 491775-6C0, CT10L £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
Hitachi/LG CT21L 6x Blu-ray BD-ROM/8x DVD±RW DL Laptop/Notebook SATA Drive (Black) 581107-6C0, CT21L £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
LG Hitachi HL HLDS GBW-B10N SATA 4x BD-R Blu-Ray Burner Writer 432899-6C0, GBW-B10N £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
HP Toshiba TS-TB23L Blu-Ray DVDRW SlotLoad SATA Laptop/notebook Drive Burner for Dell Studio 1435 1535 1555 1558 1736 1735 1737 w/Lightscribe 637234-FD0 TS-TB23L 592907-FD0 £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
Panasonic UJ-240 DVDRW Blu-Ray 6X SATA Laptop/notebook Drive 620721-1C0 UJ240AF £95.99 £79.99 Buy Now
External Panasonic UJ-260 UJ-240 6X Blu-Ray Burner BDXL Supports QL TL DL SL 620721-1C1 UJ260 £107.99 £89.99 Buy Now
Sony AD-7561A 8X DVD±RW IDE ATAPI with LightScribe Laptop/notebook Drive (AD7561A / 445961-TC0 / 445961TC0) for HP 445961-TC0 AD-7561A £47.94 £39.95 Buy Now
Sony AD-7581A 8x DVD±RW DL Notebook/Laptop IDE ATAPI Drive w/LightScribe 445961-TC1 for HP AD-7581a, 445961-TC1 £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
HP DVD-ROM DT50N Notebook/Laptop IDE ATAPI Drive 578599-6C2, DT50N £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
Pioneer IDE ATAPI DVR-K17LA DVD±RW Writer 432898-CC0, DVR-K17LA £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
Genuine Dell Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) GDR-8087N ATAPI/Enhanced-IDE DVD-ROM 416176-636 GDR-8087N £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
H.L Data Storage IDE ATAPI GSA-4082N DVD±RW Writer 395003-6C0 GSA-4082N £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
HP SUPER MULTI DRIVE GSA-4083N (M75C) DVD±RW Writer Hitachi-LG GSA-4084N IDE DVD+RW Super D Layer Laptop/notebook Drive LightScribe 407093-636, GSA-4083N £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
Hitachi-LG GSA-4084N IDE DVD+RW Super D Layer DVD Writer LightScribe Laptop/notebook Drive 407094-6C0 GSA-4084N £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
HL GSA-T20L Super Multi DVD Re-Writer IDE Laptop/notebook Drive Light Scribe 438569-6C0 GSA-T20L £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
LG GSA-T40L 8x DVD±RW DL Notebook IDE Drive w/LightScribe 438569-6C1 GSA-T40L £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
Toshiba-Samsung CD/DVD RW SATA Laptop/notebook Drive Burner HP NC6320 NX6310 NX7300 NX7400 CD DVDRW DRIVE 413700-001 416184-8C0 TS-L632 416184-8C0 TS-L632D £41.99 £34.99 Buy Now
Toshiba TS-L632M Notebook IDE 8x DVD±RW LightScribe Drive 433470-8C0 TS-L632M £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
TSST 8X IDE Notebook/Laptop DVD Burner TS-L632N TS-L632N/HPMH 445953-FC0 TSL632N DVD±RW LightScribe DVD±R DL 445953-FC0 TS-L632N £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
Panasonic UJ-850 DVD±RW Laptop/notebook Writer 395003-1c0 UJ-850BHC-A £59.99 £49.99 Buy Now
HP/Panasonic UJ-860H DVD±RW Laptop Drive, HP 443904-001 445956-1C0 UJ-860H £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now
HP 445957-1C0 DVD+/-RW Super Multi Dual-layer Combo Drive with Lightscribe 445957-1C0 UJ-861H £47.99 £39.99 Buy Now

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